Jailbreak Service for (Apple TV 1)/(Apple TV 2)/(Apple TV 1 1080P Modification!)

  • New 5.1.2 and 5.3 tethered jailbreak is now available.
  • If you want a Un-tethered Jailbreak for your Apple TV. It must boot and show 5.2 (IOS 6.1 10B144B) or your version must be displayed in the following list. Click here.
  • Your jailbroken unit will be installed with the most popular add-ons as listed below to stream thousands of movies and TV shows including ones in Blu-ray for FREE. In addition, you can watch FREE live sporting events like UFC fights, NFL football, soccer,boxing, wrestling, etc…If you want additional add-ons, all you need to do is enable them as you wish per included easy instructions. The jailbreak does not affect Apple TV’s functionality; they are still intact and functional.


  • You will get 300+ addons installed on your Apple TV.
  • Get to watch Unlimited Movies and TV Shows
  • Your Apple TV must be a Apple TV 1 or Apple TV 2!
  • Come get your Apple TV 1 modified to be 1080P
  • Turn your TV into the best media center available.
  • A full instructional guide will be sent with your Apple TV!
  • FREE RETURN SHIPPING includes Priority Mail, Insurance, Tracking Number!

Apple TV 1 Services

The sets are auto generated (4 items per set), item names are shown and it uses the slide effect and navigation buttons.
    • Jailbreak service is available for $40 will include all 300+ Addons as advertised.
    • We can also modify your Apple TV 1 to be 1080P!! All for 85! Jailbreak included!
    • Latest XBMC “Frodo” will be installed.
    • Airplay Included
    • Harddrive upgrades also available and download setups.

Apple TV 2 Services (Model #A1378 – MC572LL/A) You can get all this for $45 today!

      • Your Apple TV will contain the newest version of XBMC “Frodo” 12.2
      • Will have over 300+ Addons that you will actually get to use not like other people who tend to offer over 600+ Addons when half of those are useless to the normal user. This jailbreak is $45 shipped.
      • Atv Flash will come preinstalled for FREE!! Retail value $35!
      • NitoTV (Tweaks for your Apple TV!)
      • Instructional Guide on how to use tour Apple TV.

Famous Video Addons

      • 1Channel
      • Icefilms
      • Movie 25
      • Navi-X
      • Sportsdevil
      • Pelis a LA Carta
      • Nito-TV
      • Project Free TV
      • NFL
      • NBA
      • ESPN
      • Fox News
      • Food Network
      • HGTV
      • KidsWB
      • Jtv
      • Disney Junior
      • Fightcasts
      • Live Shows
      • Oneclickmoviez
      • Veetle
      • Vevo
      • UFC
      • Mikey’s Karaoke
      • (Adult) Live Premium Channels and a library of on demand movies available.
      • And 300+ more addons included

Famous Program Addons:

      • Navi-X
      • Pandora, Facebook,  Mail, Torrents, Searches

Free “ATV Flash” software for Apple TV 2 will be included!:

      • Couch Surfer Pro (Surf the web using this browser)
      • Air Control
      • Keyboard Magic
      • Over Flow
      • Sapphire
      • Last.fm
      • Remote HD (Really awesome app to control your Apple TV using your iPad!)

Exclusive Free Restore Service:

Should anything go wrong with your Apple TV 1 and you need to restore the software, we will be happy to re-jailbreak and reinstall all the jailbroken apps for FREE (you just pay the return postage costs). We are the only sellers to offer this service!

How do I know if my Apple TV is a 2nd Generation?

There is a really quick and easy way to check. Look at the tiny model number on the bottom of the Apple TV, if it has A1378 then it is a 2nd Gen unit. But if it says A1427 or A1469, then you’ve got a 3rd Gen unit and those cannot be jailbroken.)

Disclosure of 3 party content:

  This device is guaranteed to work and provide access to the online content. However, we do not guarantee the quality or the actual content itself. We do not control any of the content for which the plugins and addons link to. There will be times that links do not work , are broken, down or discontinued, At times sources can be unreachable due to maximum connections or simply because to source is not available either temporarily or permanently.    

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  • Curtis


    Do you still jailbreak the Apple TV 2 ?


    • admin


      Yes we do.


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